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simple Strategies and Amazing Results

Lisa Rehurek, National Speaker


Lisa Rehurek

National Speaker

Spunky, fun, and full of energy- dynamic speaker and trainer Lisa Rehurek leaves your audience on fire. Bring fun and a bit of real world funk to a potentially boring topic RFP and strategies- Lisa’s lovely personality teaches your audience while transforming their mindset and business perspectives.


A 7 time author and national speaker, Lisa’s 25 year of business knowledge shines right alongside her down to earth, “get it done” manner. Obsessed with strategies and simplicity, Lisa transforms the most overwhelming tasks into simple, attainable steps that your audience is eager to get out there and do.


Lisa has trained such international organizations as Mercer, Kronos, UC Davis, Hilton, Skillpath & more.

Lisa Rehurek
Your presentation was engaging and sparked a lively discussion about what it really means to create our own leadership brand. Your candor and transparency with the group was impactful and resonated well.
— Kelly S. O'Donnell, EVP and Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Risk Officer, Financial Engines
YOU are such a genius!!! My goodness what an amazing gift you gave every attendee. I truly LOVE all the valuable content you are giving folks.
— Eli D
From her speaking to her coaching, Lisa Rehurek shines on and off stage. She is an innovative, Creative Business strategist who will show you how to systematize so you can easily execute to take your business to the next level and increase your bottom line.
— Dr. Karen J

Some of Lisa's Most Requested Topics Are:

  • Spice up your Sales Effectiveness

Are your sales efforts reaping the rewards you need? Sales effectiveness comes from having a solid business development process – starting with mindset and continuing through with execution.

Lisa’s proprietary BizDev Success System™ is a game changer for organizations who want to improve their sales effectiveness.

With over 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing and business development, Lisa knows the whole of sales.

Whether it’s submitting successful proposals; hiring, training and developing teams; or creating and simplifying business development processes and functions, Lisa has you covered.


  • From RFP Fumble to RFP Success™

With 25+ years of experience responding to RFPs, consulting on hundreds of submittals, interviewing buyers, and learning from industry experts, Lisa Rehurek knows her stuff. She understands what it takes to win, and what the most common mistakes are when companies respond to RFP’s.

Your audience will walk away with key actionable items to implement immediately to improve their RFP win %.

Book Companion: The RFP Success™ Book


  • Leadership Influence & Credibility with a Martini Mindset™ 

In this unique and fun talk, your audience will learn how to stop following and start leading. No matter what level in the organization, understanding their own individual style and approach will help them master the art of influencing at all levels of an organization.

Book Companion: The Martini Mindset™ & The Martini Mindset™ Leadership Principles


NOTE: Any of these talks can be tailored to your specific needs and can be delivered as a one-hour keynote or a four-hour workshop. Contact us at 520.306.0755 for further discussion, rates, and availability.


"I want to thank you again for moving forward such a meaningful RFP workshop.  IT was fantastic and we are still getting kudos for the information you shared with the attendees."

/  Pamela S. Williamson, PhD., WBEC-West President & CEO  /

Lisa Rehurek Rocks! With Lisa at the mic there’s never a dull moment!
— Jennifer P