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7x Author. 2018 Publication of The RFP Success® Book

Lisa Rehurek


7x best selling author, Lisa Rehurek's international sellers have trained audience on everything from sales to strategy, mindset to marketing. No matter what topic Rehurek is covering her no nonsense, witty sense of humor always entertains and educates her readers.

With her latest book, The RFP Success® Book, Rehurek has shared her 25 years of insider secrets, tips, and tricks with her audience. The RFP Success® Book is written for the “newbie” to the ”know it all” when it comes to submitting RFPs. Because let’s be real- you can never know enough on how to craft a successful RFP.  

Author, Lisa Rehurek

Author, Lisa Rehurek

Easy read with great tips, tricks, and straight-forward, yet practical advice without an overwhelming amount of theory and statistics. Lisa does an effective job at walking the walk in keeping the reader in mind while using easy to understand concepts, effective use of white space and examples. I recommend it for all RFP managers and writers as a good source of new ideas and back-to-basics fundamentals.
— Tina K.